Join us on a journey through the seasons as we bring you the very best of our farm's bounty.

Our CSA boxes will be bursting with vibrant colors, enticing aromas, and freshness, promising a culinary adventure like no other!

CSA Farm Box – a delightful way to connect with local farmers and enjoy the freshest produce straight from the fields! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and a CSA Farm Box is like a treasure of seasonal goodness!

Here’s the scoop:
When you sign up for a CSA, you’re not just buying fresh produce; you’re investing in your local farming community, farmers get the support they need to sustain their operations, and you get to enjoy the bounty of the local and organic harvest. Each week throughout the chosen season you’ll receive a box filled with a variety of fresh, locally grown produce – think vibrant veggies, crisp fruits, flowers and even some artisanal goodies like organic juices, jams or other preserves. CSA Farm Boxes are a great way to eat seasonally, locally and reduce your carbon footprint. By buying directly from local farmers, you’re cutting out the middleman and supporting sustainable agriculture practices.

So, if you’re passionate about supporting your local food system, enjoying delicious, farm-fresh produce, and maybe even trying some new veggies you’ve never heard of before, our CSA Farm Box is definitely worth checking out!

You start by signing up for a CSA Suntrio Farm Box with emailing us at [email protected]
Next we will send you a document with further information we will need from you such as preferred season, any allergies you have and list of preferred produce and payment options. 

As the growing season progresses, we harvest a variety of fresh produce from our field. This could include fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers or other farm products.

Provided below is a list of the seasonal produce that we will be offering from which you can pick and choose depending on your personal preferences. By subscribing to our CSA box program, we will send you a list of the produce for the given season and have you let us know what you would like to receive from us.  Below is an example of the various produce that would be available for the Spring season of the box program; the email that we send to you personally will contain all four seasons with the specific produce for each season.

You can choose either having your CSA Farm Box delivered directly to your doorstep on Fridays or you’ll pick it up from a designated location, such as the farm itself or a local farmers’ market.

 Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, price of weekly box ends up being $45/week.

* BOX FEE = includes two boxes in which you will be receiving your weekly rotating fresh produce 

The payment is made upfront with your subscription, which helps us with the upfront costs of planting and maintaining our lovely crops. 
(We understand that the financial costs could end up being unaffordable for some of us and we are happy to provide you with the option of a payment plan which would fit your needs! 🙂 


Prior to pickup/delivery day, we will assemble your CSA Farm Box with a selection of the freshest produce available that week. The contents of the box are typically based on your preference, if we are having low produce, we will switch with what’s in season and ready for harvest at that time.

Enjoy! Once you receive your CSA, it’s time to dive in and enjoy all the delicious, farm-fresh goodness! Get creative in the kitchen, experiment with new recipes with local ingredients and savor the flavours of the season! 

We are happy to answer any further questions via [email protected]