Saying Goodbye to 2019

Here we are a week away from Christmas day…wow! Where has the year gone. Well, it’s been a wonderfully full and abundant year here at the farm. Amazing to see the seasons from seed, to the point where it makes it’s way on to tables and into anticipating mouths.

At the end of the week, or in some cases on Wednesday, we are out and about in our communities enjoying our neighbours and friends at Moss, James Bay, Saanich, and Oak Bay Markets. The stories we exchange, share, and maybe hear for the first time, a joy and delight. Thank you.

Ginger is definitely one of the most anticipated harvests for all. And this year has been amazing. All bounty has it’s season, and our Ginger season is coming to a close. Next year the plan we will be planting lots more. We have been growing Ginger for 5 years now. And on a side note, our fabulous Turmeric has been at the farm 6 seasons.

Our basil has started to flourish, and our senses are taking in the beauty and fragrance and taste. We love our basil.

Something new for us this year is propagating our own greenhouse crops. These are our Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cukes!

Thanks for; following us, stopping in to chat, asking questions, and for all of your support.