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Arugula 100 gSuntrio Farm
BasilSuntrio Farm
BeetsSuntrio Farm
Blueberry JamSuntrio Farm
Blueberry KombouchaSuntrio Farm
Braising Greens 250gSuntrio Farm
Brussel SproutsSuntrio Farm
CarrotsSuntrio Farm
Cucumbers-Long EnglishSuntrio Farm
Tumeric ElixerSuntrio Farm
GingerSuntrio Farm
Ginger ChocolateSuntrio Farm
Ginger Beer (non alcoholic)Suntrio Farm
GranolaSuntrio Farm
Habanero Jelly Suntrio Farm
Jeruselem Artichoke (1 lb bag)Suntrio Farm
Kale 250gSuntrio Farm
KimchiSuntrio Farm
KiwiSuntrio Farm
KohlrabiSuntrio Farm
Lavender SachetSuntrio Farm
LeeksSuntrio Farm
MicrogreensSuntrio FarmBroccoli, Buckwheat, Kale, Diakon
Organic Juice Suntrio FarmIngredients:apples, carrots, lemon, tumeric, ginger, coconut oil, black pepper
Pea Sprouts 90gSuntrio Farm
Pea Sprouts 400gSuntrio Farm
Peppers - BellSuntrio FarmFrozen
PestoSuntrio FarmChoice of: Dairy Free; Basil and Parmesan; Garlic Scapes
PicklesSuntrio Farmdill
RelishSuntrio Farmzucchini
SaladsSuntrio Farm
Salad DressingSuntrio FarmChoice of: Nutritional garlic; Ceasar; Garlic Ginger; Sesame Ginger
SauerkrautSuntrio Farm
Soup FrozenSuntrio FarmChoice of: butternut; carrot ginger;curried squash; parsnip coconut
Spinach 100gSuntrio Farm
SquashSuntrio FarmAcorn, Butternut, Ghost, Kombucha, Spaghetti
StrawberriesSuntrio FarmFrozen 2 lb.
Strawberry KombouchaSuntrio Farm
Strawberry JamSuntrio Farm
Sunflower Sprouts 100gSuntrio Farm
Sunflower Sprouts 400gSuntrio Farm
Sweet PotatoesSuntrio Farm
Tomato CherrySuntrio FarmFrozen 1 lb
Tomato SauceSuntrio Farm
TumericSuntrio Farm
Yam FriesSuntrio FarmFrozen
Wheat Grass ShotsSuntrio Farm
Wheat Grass TraysSuntrio Farm
Adriana’s Corn ChipsOrganic Partners
Adriana’s Corn TortillasOrganic Partners
Adriana’s CrispitosOrganic Partners
Almond MilkOrganic Partners
Apples Organic PartnersChoice of: Ambrosia, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Spartan
AsparagusOrganic Partners
Avocado Organic Partners
BananasOrganic Partners
BlueberriesOrganic PartnersFrozen 2 lb.
BroccoliOrganic Partners
ButterOrganic Partners
Cabbage Organic Partners
CarrotsOrganic Partners
CauliflowerOrganic Partners
CeleryOrganic Partners
Covered Bridge Chips-CheddarOrganic Partners
Eggs-OrganicOrganic Partners
Eggs-Free RangeOrganic Partners
GarlicOrganic Partners
GingerOrganic Partners
GrapefruitOrganic Partners
Hardbite ChipsOrganic PartnersChoice of: Avocado lime, beet,carrots,parsnip,sweet potato,
HoneyOrganic PartnersWilflower, or Fireweed
LemonOrganic Partners
Lip BalmOrganic Partners
MangoesOrganic Partners
OnionOrganic Partners
OrangesOrganic Partners
PeppersOrganic PartnersBell
PotatoesOrganic Partners
Romaine LettuceOrganic Partners
Salsa Pace Chunky Med. Organic Partners
SquashOrganic PartnersButternut
Sweet PotatoesOrganic Partners
TomatoesOrganic PartnersCherry, Roma
Tumeric Organic Partners
Vegan Coconut Yogurt SmOrganic Partners
ZucchiniOrganic Partners
     Bread-Peasant LoafLocal Portofino Bakery
     Bread-SourdoughLocal Portofino Bakery
     Cake-CarrotLocal Portofino Bakery
     Cookies-Double Chocolate ChunkLocal Portofino Bakery
     Cookies-Fruit and FibreLocal Portofino Bakery